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Hi, this page is intended to display any and all fraud, scammers, and cheaters that I can find in the adult business, most of these I have personal issues with, and some are just well-known fraudsters and scammers. Please try to not contribute or assocdiate with these scammers, for your own good. And if you have been scammed by any of these and would like anymore in depth information about these just let me know, I do make profiles of information of all the people that have scammed me in the past

If you have anymore information for me to add about these shitty people, please let me know

Name / Username
GF Profits / SOBV GF Profits owes approx $6000 to me personally and various other amounts to MANY other webmasters, I've tried contacting them via their support page, email, and their icq support to GFProfits_Ryan 137903833 and to GFBoss 567338440 and Jeff Gibson 605969318. If they end up paying me all monies owed then I will remove them from this blacklist. Jason Forrest seems to be the owner behind all this fraud, aka JJ, and J Forest Inc his icq is 102973593. his username on gfy is angelsofporn here and his email soloconverts@gmail.com and also has names on accounts such as Joseph DeMaria. Some sites/domains are gfprofits.com, gfclick.com, Sordid Ones B.V. gaygravy.com, soloconverts.com, tastydollars.com, REHABDOLLARS.COM, bbwdollars.com, archivecash.com, skintraffic.com, prideaccess.com, pridemov.com, gaymenfucked.com, backroomfacials1.com, skinreel.com, atxbill22.com, J Forrest Inc, 13446 poway rd #115, poway, CA 92064, U.S.A,. Some guys that worked for them are Moses G (Moses Goldman) his profile is here icq 212-125, media, and Betty Afford but we are not sure how deep they are involved. For more information about Jason Forrest and his criminal enterprise you can see this newly created website, dedicated to exposing one of the biggest scammers and fraud experts in the adult marketing business
TNA Cash Aron Simpson from TNA Cash has quit paying his affiliates that are on his NATS system. He quit replying to my emails/icqs and even does not reply to the GFY thread I made about him here. He hasn't paid in about 1 year. Other sites he has is tnaproductions.com, and TNA Productions, LLC from Wichita, Kansas. Aron is an active poster on GoFuckYourself but fails to acknowledge anything about this. his Myspace pages are http://www.myspace.com/aron_simpson and http://www.myspace.com/wichitaphotographer and he even has a nice domain website of his own name www.aron.com (he sold it). Nowdays he posts on GFY as username PornoMonster profile here. Here is a list of his domain names. BE CAREFUL, he WILL scam you like he has to me, to Freeones, and many others.
Cash Overdrive Cash Overdrive has ignored my support tickets since 2007, they dont reply to PMs on Ask Damage X, or threads on gfy here, no reply from Barry Paterson or Peterson (username = Barry the Hatchet) on icq. His gfy username here. His icq is: 35389708 and his email is: barry@intentsys.com also HaleyWilde's gfy username here. Some of his/their domains are: intentsys.com, amyacres.com, cashoverdrive.com, haleywilde.com, nataliessecret.com, bjbandits.com, blowjobbandits.com, galleryserver.net, playwithjenn.com, haleywild.com, fleshtoy.com, ashleywett.com, ashleywet.com, haleysgoodies.com, FuckingDisgusting.com. Intentsys is their old epassporte name. There is also somebody involved named Aaron Peterson, some info found here and here
GF Kings GFKings, Deecash, TripleXCash, JoinRightNow, MayorsMoney, TrafficCashGold and many more fall under the ownership of Deepak (aka Dee). His gfy profile is here.
Web Hosting Agents Web Hosting Agents (webhostingagents.com) is scam company that scours old whois to send billing emails to domain owners saying they need to pay $180 to pay for their domain. WebHostAgents, 228 Park Ave. S #49828. New York, New York 10003-1502. 1877-415-9947.
TeenRevenue Teen Revenue quit paying affiliates around mid-2016. Their affiliate admin says Kurtis@sexrevenue.com (Kurtis Potec: Skype: kurtis.potec & teenrevenue.support, ICQ: 376447088, email: kurtis@teenrevenue.com & kurtis@sexrevenue.com) is their contact info, SexRevenue support tickets are going through the Cash4members (mydirtyhobby) ticket system. Still investigating if there are connections between TeenRevenue <-> SexRevenue (xTube.com) <-> Cash4Members (mydirtyhobby). Threads at GFY here. GFY reps are Ben.TeenRevenue and Kurtis_TeenRevenue.
Amateur Traffic Amateur Traffic (amateurtraffic.com) was run buy a guy named "Hollywood Chris" (aka Chris Stewart) he is not paying and does not reply to icq/support/email. Threads posted on gfy about this and many affiliates not been paid. His gfy profile is here.
Adult Millionaire Adult Millionaire disabled all affiliate accounts. See GFY thread here. His Email address I belive is: 40oakdrive11@gmail.com
Amateur Platinum Amateur Platinum (amateurplatinum.com) is same as the previously blacklisted sponsors Girlfriend Traffic & Sick Bucks, both close down, don't pay affiliates and open new programs under different names, quite a large time scam they have going. Icq is 603164030 for Jake Anderson he's their affiliate support. GFY thread is here
Astro Dollars Astro Dollars closed their sites and did not pay affiliates (yes, me included). See GFY thread here.
Melissa Money October 15, 2011: Meltech, Inc, P.O Box 82221, Lincoln, Nebraska 68501 United States is owned by Shane Harrington. Email melissalincoln@hotmail.com, Owned Melissa Money with sites Melissa Midwest, sweetadri.com, melissaharrington.net, Foxy Jacky, Pretty Marie and a few more sites. They shut down their program without paying affiliates, and they are keeping their paysites open continuing to take affiliate traffic and rebills for themselves. You can see the MelissaMoney Closing thread on gfy here. Shane Harrington personally stole over $100 from me, said my last check was sent but never did sent, and does not reply on email/icq.
Girlfriend Traffic Girlfriend Traffic (girlfriendtraffic.com) closed it's program and quit paying affiliates, and quit replying to affiliates. Supposedly girlfriendtraffic is the same as the owners from the old Sick Bucks program (also scammers). GFY thread is here
Pacino Cash Pacino from PacinoCash and LatinTeenCash has closed his sites from affiliate promotions and setting affiliates ccbill payouts to 0%. It's a snake, scammer move. Be sure to remove all your traffic to his sites. Thread is here
Komaji Komaji, Randy Barnwell, Jigster, and many aliases for this scammer, cheater, and content thief. Thread with more specific information about this liar, cheat and fraud is at Asianwebbies here.
Eddie Coates / Sundevilangels Eddie Coates is a great photographer with sites tour.sundevilangels.com, eddiecoates.net and sdacash.com, His icq is 374514603, skype is sundevilangels, email is info@sundevilangels.com. His program offers affiliates 50% of sales and rebills for life, after years of promoting affiliates realized the ccbill setting was set to not allowing any rebills. I personally lost $ from this, and after we talked, he bitched me out, calling me "punk" and saying things like, affiliates are only out to "f*ck him over", etc. He will join this scammers list until he pays affiliates back what they are owed. GFY thread is here and here.
iDNS iDNS aka Internet Domain Name Services url is idns.ac Internet Domain Name Services Inc , 924 Bergen Ave, Suite #289, Jersey City, NJ 07306-3018. These lowlifes send mail asking for nearly $100 domain renewals. Scammers!
JTCash.com JT Cash (jtcash.com) closed down with a notice to affiliates saying they closed back in 2014 and did NOT pay me, or other affiliates. The GFY username is JTCash and his icq is 221725975, name Paydir/Givi, sites were my18teens.com and myteenvideo.com which are both still online. He also owns paydir.com an affiliate/sponsor directory also still online. GFY thread about not paying/not alive is here
Chris Mallick / Epassporte Here is all the information you need for finding the truth about Epassporte and the Chris Mallick scams: http://www.christophermallick.net
Peter James This guy is ultimate scammer, posing as owner of large porn sites and "selling" traffic, getting paid, on sites that are not his, thus not delivering the traffic. Read the GFY thread here. His skype is "peter.james721" and his paxum address is "speterjames@gmx.com". BE CAREFUL!
NuvidNetwork.com This is another traffic scammer. He uses email sales@nuvidnetwork.com and claims to be associated/owner of the large site Nuvid.com, he is not, he is 100% scammer so be careful everyone! Some GFY threads about it are warning scammer alert & selling traffic high volume sites
Nerd Profits Nerd Profits (nerdprofits.com) first launched with all stolen content porn sites, stolen from well-known porn companies. They apologized and re-launched with self proclaimed "legal gf/celeb sites", they seemed solid for a couple weeks and already now quit replying to affiliates on icq and quit paying affiliates too.. GFY thread is here
Live Cam Cash Livecamcash and all its sites closed without notifying webmasters, no affiliate payments/balances have been made. Sean Defreitas is the owner, you can see all the information about him and livecamcash at the Leg Webmasters thread here
Silver Cash SilverCash (silvercash.com), Glam Cash (glamcash.com) & Teen Model Cash (teenmodelcash.com) are now redirecting to Beaverplace.com, so the programs have shut down and not paid out affiliates. It's a simple scam, to not pay out affiliates. I personally had account balances in each, so I've been scammed. Mike of Silvercash used to run sites like DreamKelly among many others throughout their multiple affiliate programs. The gfy thread here
Method Cash MethodCash (methodcash.com) is an old Asian niche sponsor that quit replying and quit paying. The Methodcash flagship site was 88square, with lots of nude asian models. The AsianWebbies thread here & GFY thread here
Wet Dollars Wet Dollars finally joined the scammers list with not paying affiliates, not even replying explaining their issue/situation, they delete all their affiliate managers icq's and just disappear keeping all "our" money. The gfy thread here
Traffic Gigolos Traffic Gigolos don't pay affiliates or reply to affiliates concerns anymore. What happend to you Justin! You used to seem like an honest dude! You can see many unpaid affiliates confirming it on the gfy thread here
Cam Wealth aka Ameriweb LLC Camwealth, Cam Wealth aka Ameriweb LLC aka Adultcamgirlsnetwork was a webcam company run by Brett Pittaway and his wife Jennifer Backus. These scammers quit paying their webcam models, the girls that supported them and helped build their successful cam site, they turned around and scammed them, left many camgirls hanging, with no payments. Here's what 1 webcam girl had to say: "This company stopped paying us (the cam girls) in early July and has not returned a single email since mid July. Many of us are owed money. Personally I am owed $2700 while other cammers are owed hundreds. Ameriweb LLC has now shut down the two main sites (www.camwealth.com and www.adultcamgirlsnetwork.com) but it has left my old personal site (www.quinnsexcam.com) up and and running, so that they can collect membership subscriptions from unwitting customers who have no idea that I am no longer affiliated with that site, and do not know that I have removed all of my content from the members area. In essence, after scamming their cam girls they are continuing to defraud customers by advertising a product (my old members area), that no longer provides the benefits that the site claims customers will receive upon signing up. I plan on suing Ameriweb LLC for the $2700 I am owed and to have my old personal site shut down, but other cam girls who booked lower volumes of cam shows are owed much lower amounts of money, making a lawsuit for them not worth the costs of filing. I want all of us to get paid, and I'm hoping that by getting their names out there, Mr. Pittaway and Ms. Backus will be inspired to pay us all what we are owed.". Stripperweb has a thread about this situation here and Camwealths gfy profile is here and the gfy thread about this is here.
XoXo Cash XoXo Cash was contacted about stealing affiliates traffic you can see here. My gallery http://www.teenqueens.net/galleries2/xoxoleah.html my affiliate ID: 1701537 you can see in this image, they override the KissKara link code with their own (or whoevers that is, ID 2070724). Thread on GFY is here and thread on NN Masters here
Eric Gauthier This scammer is straight up robbing people. He has these emails mediadial2@gmail.com - ebiz@hotmail.ca - mamassita@gmail.com - vividdesigns@hotmail.ca and his gfy username is Mamassita. You can see a lot more of his scam stories and information on gfy thread here
Sterling Cash Sterling Cash closed and didn't pay out affiliates. Dave aka Aaron Mccarton (according to whois) is the owner/manager of these sites. Some of the sites were/are: inbedwithfaith, inbedwithashley, idreamoferin, pantieland, chloedove, msinhale, obscenemachines, smokingvideos, allstarnikki, getdirtywithjuliet
Legal Bait LegalBait.com closed and most of their sites are not accessable. There was no announcement of any site closings, nor were affiliate balances paid out. I am personally owed money from LegalBait. There is a thread about them at gfy here.
Roytyo Roytoy (gfy profile) will get you to add his links and when expecting payment he'll vanish. He posted this gfy thread. Be careful with this one. His Skype is roytyo. The site he had me link was a Dutch dating site gratissexafspreken.nl while his GFY profile mentions BDSM.nl and his Skype profile mentions Marketeers.nl but these might be fake, trying to show that he's part of prominent companies/domains.
KikDirty Kikdirty.com is a Sexting forum, the owner is some fucked up Chinese dude who is pulling some shady tactics on GFY, like putting his site for sale, yet also seeking permanent hardlink deals. Much more info about Kikdirty at the AsianWebbies thread here.
Naughty 4 Cash Naughty4Cash claims in their TOS to give affiliates unlimited rebills for life of the customer, but you can clearly see here that this is not true, they allow only up to 6 rebills. Lies! See thread here.
Wet Dollars Looks like WetDollars quit paying and quit replying :( See Gofuckyourself thread here.
Manwin Media Everyone knows about this massive porn giant Manwin, owners of these huge illegal porn websites like: Porn Hub, Tube 8, You Porn, Porn MD, Spankwire, Keez Movies, X Tube, Extreme Tube, Video Bash, Peeperz and many more. This company is #1 professionals on the internet for stealing copywritten porn materials for streaming free on their tube sites. Fabian Thylmann is their owner and CEO. You can find tons of threads about Fabian and Manwin all over GFY and all major adult industry forums.
Cyberage Cyberage closed stats and quit paying for many many months. Blacklisted easily! BEWARE! Greenguy and Jim forum thread here
USUALENT USUALENT aka usualdamvp USUALENT is this guys username on GFY, his icq is ebonycandyshop@yahoo.com, he sold me a permanent hardlink package and has since removed all his sites, thus all my links have been removed, I am warning you, DO NOT do business with this guy. From this thread here. His email is: ebonycandyshop@yahoo.com
MCDQ MCDQ or MDCQ aka Marcus Aurelius is this guys username on GFY, his icq is 287393614, he sold me a permanent hardlink package and has since removed all his sites, thus all my links have been removed, I am warning you, DO NOT do business with this guy. From this thread here. His email is: chaosinc@gmail.com You can see his list of sites: cutechinesegirl.com, sexytats.com, cutewhitegirl.com, cuteblackgirl.com, culocaliente.com, pinkrazorblade.com, www.cutelatingirl.com, tntpussy.com, thespankbanks.com, roseypalm.com, pornisher.com, freakablexxx.com, fairyflesh.com, barenakedhollywood.com, aisle69.com
Aria Bucks Aria Bucks went offline, didn't renew domain, or whatever, but who knows we'll be paid or not!? GFY thread here
Scriptguy Beware doing business with programmer from 24hscripts, he gets FTP info from customers to do programming work and then steals entire sites, and competes with you. There is a big thread on gfy here. His icq is: 260892954. His gfy user profile is here. Very shady scammer and thief, so please be careful who you do business with.
IwantGirls.net I Want Girls (Iwantgirls.net) joins the webmaster blacklist for removing their paysite and sending all sponsor clicks to WhatBoysWant website without notifying affiliates. Shady!
Ex Gfs ExGfRiches Exgfsriches runs the big gf site ExGfs.com, they used ccbill billing and I just now noticed they switched to NATS and havent let affiliates know about this to change the link codes, thus stealing traffic
Ama Revenue Ama Rev closed their program and redirect all traffic to their amateur site giving no credit to affiliates, did not notify affiliates of this site redirect either
The Adult Group TheAdultGroup.com quit paying their affiliates. Many of them reporting about this on GFY thread and at Legwebmasters here
Adults Allowed Adults Allowed has quit paying webmasters, and there is no response from them, = 100% SCAMMERS!!!! Thread at Asian Webbies is here
National Pornographic National Pornographic isn't paying many webmasters, you can see more from this thread on gfy here
Sick Bucks Many reports of not paying, and my personal experience, they dont reply to me on icq/support ticket (icq info is 364654156 - xratedJ - Jim Chirillo Jr)
Pornstar Dollars PornstarDollars quit paying affiliates. Thread about it on GFY -> HERE
Glam Cash I've tried to contact Glamcash all year this year 2010 about paying out my balance, I try contacting both their support icq contact people Mirela 376509806 and Dominique 339544663, no luck
fletchtoy Sextoyking aka Todd Ostrer was a webmaster who died in late 2011. His partner, Richard Fletcher aka fletchtoy (gfy profile here) has setup a donations website to help pay for Todd's medical bills at http://www.toddostrerfund.com/ and it recently has come out that this guy Richard/fletchtoy has been collecting all the donations for himself and not giving any of it to the family as he promised. It's a pretty sickening scam. You can see more about it on GFY here and here.
CashforNuts Cash For Nuts has shut down, redirecting their sites (including cashfornuts.com) to some rave website, and the cocky webmaster owner talks shit, he goes by the name Gandalfuy, thread about it HERE. His icq# is 4159145 name aLe Grasso (aLe - CashforNuts), mobile# +598 99609382, gandalf@alegrasso.com
John / Phathoes The guy name according to his gmail is John Pouliot email is allamericanfs@gmail.com he goes by the username phathoes at GFY (gfy profile here). He sold me lifetime hardlinks on his site PainBlogs.com and if you check his site now you can see that he's now redirecting that domain to a nastydollars website using his nastydollars affiliate id "blingbling". His epassporte account is phathoes@epassporte.com and his paypal account is ftpgroup1@gmail.com.
JupiterHosting Jupiter Hosting (now is Navisite) hosts GFY, I (and many others) hosted with them and they provided very shitty services, not replying to support tickets, making false promises and many other shitty business practices. Gfy thread HERE also Naughty America aka Latouraine Inc filed lawsuit against these scammers here (search that page for Navisite or ref 2125)
Fetish Assets FetishAssets quit paying and replying to affiliates. Thread about it on GFY -> HERE. His gfy usernames are "macker" aka Mick and "FetishAssetsCom".
LX Traffic Here's a bigtime hitbot cheater. His nicknames are known to be: Nerom, lex, Irinka, andy, sergior, TradeSupport, deluxe 3x, deluxxx, tycaman, JDA, Ernesto, Sexmaster. His emails are artmaist@gmail.com and boybrazzers@gmail.com and irinka@allpornanime.com and artmaist@gmail.com and trade@lxtraffic.com. His icqs: 438586304 and 643297390 and 592521263. Some sites are: luxporntube.com, letsplaygirl.com, exploited21.com, gfvagina.com, ridemygirls.com, maleholic.com, besttubenow.com, xlxtubes.com, unimoms.com, exgfpunished.com, gangbang-teens.com, teenosaur.com, harem18.com, hollywood-naked.com, maturenative.com, ebonyholiday.com, exmoms.com, realrussianporn.com, andyporn.com -> Checkout this thread about this scammer/cheater here on Ask Damage X forums HERE
Solo Converts Solo Converts, Archive Cash, and Incredible Dollars all look to be doing the same scams and are probably all the same company doing these credit card frauds... See more HERE
Incredible Dollars Solo Converts, Archive Cash, and Incredible Dollars all look to be doing the same scams and are probably all the same company doing these credit card frauds... See more HERE
Mallcom See GFY Thread here and Freeones Hall of Shame here
Sexxxychat.com Quoted by a webmaster "they are no longer in business.. good. Assholes, because they ripped off all their affiliate webmasters and stopped paying them, including me. They are Scammers! Ivan Nathanson is the owner"
PrivateNudePics PrivateNudePics.com joins the blacklist, I just find today that this ex sponsor site is now a blog, they didn't notify affiliates of the transformation of paysite to blog, was sending traffic to them for nothing in return, they had no problem stealing affiliates free links
Archive Cash Solo Converts, Archive Cash, and Incredible Dollars all look to be doing the same scams and are probably all the same company doing these credit card frauds... See more HERE
Hawt Money Hawt Money does not pay, does not reply, and they had websites such as Mandy Mayhem. For the thread on gfy you can see here
Cash Titans Doesnt pay
Perlover http://traffic.perlover.com This affiliate tgp/mgp guy steals your keywords for your own sites. For example: http://www.fattyparty.com/free/pics-movies/teenage/showoffs.html is stealing from the site "Teenage Showoffs" this guy is playing a shady game to steal keywords from his own tgp trades.
Bucks Mania BucksMania closed and never paid out affiliates
Brent / BargirlCash This guy redefines the word "ass-hat SEO" he's making blogs of sites, if have site "sexyhotties.com" he replicates a site on domain "sexyhotties.net" and will try to steal the seo traffic for customers searching for your site. Thread about it here. Brent is also owner of the program BargirlCash. So beware of this guy. He's a thief. Oh and his Foogie profile is here
Fantasy Content Tracy from Fantasy Content, Tracy has scammed people in many various forms, personally she scammed me on a $200 paypal to epassporte transfer, BEWARE! Her address Daniel Gallegos.....12326 33rd Ave NE7.......Seattle, WA 98125. Her icq # is 495066342. Her gfy profile http://gfy.com/member.php?u=5464 . spankmeharder.com was 1 of her old domains. Also more info associated with her ICQ 178557875 dave@xxxcontentdirect.com or dave@extremefeeds.com from Bellevue, WA 98007
AJ NaughtyInc AJ from NaughtyInc, it looks like this asshole just scams people in any possible way he can, stay away from this adult business scammer! His personal email address is mccoyaj@hotmail.com and his personal website is ajmccoy.com, and he is also known to be a "model" on Camdiscover, see his profile here. The AJ McCoy scammer thread on GFY is here
Bucks 18 G1 These scammers closed their program then didnt payout any of their affiliates. They opened a new program using this email address gregs.helpdesk@gmail.com and using these websites: g18partners.com, g18spot.com, saintpaulgirls.com, forum18.com and many more
Sex Stuff Sells This program was run by Jeff Miller, they also shut down their program and ALL the sites and did not pay the money owed to us affiliates. You can see some more info at GFY thread here
Raging Bucks Raging Bucks was once a great program, then 1 day I noticed I dont make sales with them anymore, I checked and they switched their nats codes to ccbill codes thus giving affiliates NO credit for sales, THEN they eventually just shut the sites down completely without notifying affiliates, they wasted our time, money and cheated us. See the Raging Bucks cheater/scam thread here
35pps.com 35PPS has a rep on GFY named 35PPS_Kristine who replies to stolen content comments saying "Why don't you send a DMCA then? you just post it here for the sake of advertising your pussy?". Such a bad attitude and really makes the adult industry look terrible with scumbags like her/him. See more in this GFY thread: here.
WTF Bucks WTF Bucks (wtfbucks.com) was annoying many webmasters by spamming many many times. Now there is evidence they were hacking sponsor affiliate lists for emails/icqs, so they can spam all of us affiliates. This is illegal and totally blacklistable offence, hey WTFBUCKs, FUCK YOU!. GFY thread is here
Hillbilly Dollars Hillbilly Dollars shut down with no notification to their webmasters, thus they are added to my personal shitlist. Gfy thread HERE
AV Bee AV Bee used verotel affiliate and billing system, they changed to using Zombaio without notifying affiliates, so I'm sending my traffic via verotel link codes to their program for MONTHS while getting 0 possibility of making any money with these assholes
Lusty Bucks All Lusty Bucks sites are down with no notifications to affiliates, very bad business
Marlboroack aka Brandon Ackerman ???
Magnus Bucks See more info about Magnus Bucks in this thread from AsianWebbies
Bucks Factory not paying
Nice Ratios Still investigating this one
Bos Bucks ???
DarkJedi Old GFY personality DarkJedi (beware, he has MANY nicknames including: Subzero, Davey Jones, Dark Jedi, You Forgot Poland ), he's an eastern European that owns the HUGE celebrity site 181st.net, if you hit his nerve in the wrong way he (or his Ukraine/Russian friends) will DDoS your network of sites, attempting to take your sites and business offline
Old List world-dialer.net , bed4men@yahoo.com , Shan Piterson , 4-counter.com , gosh1312@hotmail.com , enjoysearch.info

If you'd like to see Freeones Hall of Shame click here
Daizzy signbucksdaily blacklist is here
Remember webmasters, BE CAREFUL! A lot of programs have become scammers more than ever nowdays!

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